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July 24, 2008

Almost a winner.....

Mmroom  Oh girls...do I have a story for you!  :)

Inside the Making Memories booth at CHA, there was a corner that held a made up little scrapbook room.  Inside there was a desk with a Slice, desktop organizer, Slice bag, trimmer, self-healing mat and then you can see the fully loaded embellishment center, and then a cute little bookcase filled with baskets and baskets of product.

Every retailer that placed an order with Making Memories over the weekend could guess the total retail value of the room (including the furniture).  Anyone that was within $100 got placed into a drawing on Sunday afternoon at 2PM.  So, when I dropped off my order, I checked out the room and guessed it at $3,900.

They said that there were 6 people who were within $100 of the correct price.  Well, guess who was one of those in the drawing?????  Yep, you guessed it...ME!  They announced that the total retail value of the room was $3,885.46 making me $14.54 off.  Knowing my luck, I figured I wouldn't be the winner of this awesome room 'cuz I NEVER win any kind of drawing!  LOL 

The poor guy who was doing all of the yelling at the MM booth took my order from me, and my guess, so he KNEW I was pretty darned close.  But, yeah....my luck wouldn't change as far as a drawing goes.  :(  Another gal won the beautiful room.  :(  She appeared a little while after the drawing and looked like a very nice lady and I'm happy she won.  When I was telling my hubby about it that night, he said "yeah, but where would you PUT all that stuff?"  Hmmm, I wasn't thinking about that at the time!   LOL  I figured I'd MAKE room!  LOLMmguyandme

But, all is well, and me and the guy from Making Memories are still friends!  LOL  This was taken after the drawing was announced and the booth cleared out.  Oh, and he also told me that us 5 who didn't win the booth would be getting a nice little goodie box from Making Memories in October when the SLICE was shipping!  EEEKSS! 

So, I guess I'll try again next time and hope that the next time it's based on pure talent guessing the retail price instead of a drawing!  LOL 

Mmsad_2Seriously, no hard feelings Making Memories, or the gal that won!  You guys totally rock, love your product and your company...but I couldn't help but take a picture of me sitting in what *could* have been my beautiful scrapbook room...ahhhh what could have been.....   :)


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I saw your sweet congrats on the MM blog :) Thanks so much! If it makes you feel any better- right before I made my guess, security tried to kick me out of the show for being underage...and I'm 25! I never win anything either, I figured the room made up for the mortification I felt when they accused me of being 14 and tried to throw me out, lol! I hope you enjoy your goodies :)

Thanks Cynde...it was fun even just to *almost* win! :) It was terribly exciting! LOL

Trena...so nice of you to come over to my blog! It was great meeting everyone at the Copic classes! I learned a LOT that I hope to share here on the blog sometime soon!

You do look good behind the desk! Next time maybe.I love reading your blog. I have to say, you always make be smile or chuckle. You have such an upbeat way with words. Thanks!

That is a nice room! so close.... Great pictures from the CHA. It was nice meeting you at the Copic class.

Take care and STAY POSITIVE!!

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