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August 05, 2009

Finally!!! A few pictures of the new store

NewStore1FORWEB OK, so my mom took a few pictures of the new location...they're a bit blurry I think, but these will have to do for a bit.  :)  This is the store looking from our front window towards the back of the store.  We have around 2200 square foot of shopping wonderland.  LOL  We also have a classroom & workshop area past the back wall that will fit around 18 people for a class or a crop.

We don't have all of our displays up yet, nor our signage for the manufacturers, and I don't have all of our samples up either yet, but we're slowly getting it together!!

Here is what you'll see when you first walk in.  We have a wall with some sample layouts, a whiteboard with our featured manufacturer, and a little display of our featured manufacturer's stuff. 


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