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July 26, 2010

CHA Summer 2010 Here we Gooooooo!

BrokenLens It's here again...this crazy week where the industry gets together to show off all their new goodies.  Where I get to shop for all the fun stuff to carry in the store, learn some new techniques to show off at our classes, and hopefully meet up with some friends!

We were about 20 minutes delayed from leaving Omaha tonight because O'Hare's traffic control was a little hairy so we had to wait a bit before leaving.  Then, when we did finally get to leave, we had to wait another 20 minutes after landing because they didn't have an open gate for us to unload in.

I have never flown into Chicago's O'Hare airport and man, it is a huge place!  Very busy, and let me say...I think I prefer LAX in Los Angeles.  It seems a bit more easily navigated to me.  Although it was easy to find my baggage and I walked right onto the hotel shuttle.  5 minutes later I was in the hotel and another 5 minutes later in my hotel room.  So I have to say that was much nicer than the hour shuttle trip to the hotel in Anaheim!  :)

I'm not too crazy impressed with United though.  Because it was a "short" trip on an Express flight, they had a smaller plane.  Unfortunately that means there's not much room in the overhead compartment.  So, they asked if I could check my carryon bag.  No problem really, but I told them I had my laptop, my Nikon camera, and my camcorder in there.  They told me to grab my laptop out.  Which I did...unfortunately, when I got to my hotel and started unpacking my bags, I find out that the lens on my Nikon DSLR camera is shattered.  S H A T T E R E D.  So...now what to do?  I tried out the camera tonight and it works, but now I'm gonna have to call United tomorrow to see what we can do.  :( 

Of course, this is the trip where I decide to leave my small camera behind 'cuz it didn't get used much last time.  OK everyone...I'm getting sleepy and I have 2 long days ahead of me.  I will try to post as much as I can on Facebook, Twitter, and even to the Flickr page whenever I can. 


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Did they take care of it for you?

OMG!!! So sorry about your lens. Hope it gets taken care of.

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